Develop a vision and build a path towards achieving it!

This is the task that BG MARKETING has taken on board: to assist you at every stage by offering you efficient tools.

Analysing your brand while identifying its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the risks and opportunities involved, is no easy task. The tendency will be that you think you know it all already, or that you get lost in the wealth of information available. BG MARKETING assists you in this process, by placing a whole host of efficient tools at your disposal. It then helps you develop your strategy and action plan.

Perhaps you have already completed your SWOT analysis and you need help and advice in implementing a strategy or action plan? BG MARKETING can assist you in your tasks.

Feel free to contact me for an overview of your situation!

Spheres of competence : Marketing audit (SWOT analysis) - Brand positioning (differentiation) - Marketing plan (defining activities, planning and budgeting) – Brand strategy – Corporate identity - Product innovation

Not enough staff? No marketing department?

You have a project, but not the necessary in-house resources? BG MARKETING will join your team and manage the project you entrust it with, while adhering to the defined deadlines and budget. Your team will be involved throughout the project in order to acquire the new skills needed. In choosing to mandate BG MARKETING, you can be sure of a competent, operational individual from day 1, as well as an objective vision and a personalised service.

Spheres of competence : Product innovation – Marketing plan – Specific project – Relaunch or development of packaging

Need a marketing manager on demand?

Most small and medium sized businesses only have a small team or no marketing department at all.
Thanks to BG MARKETING you now have a competent, trustworthy individual to rely on, leaving you free to focus on your activity.

The marketing outsourcing service offers you:

  • Cost control
  • Freed-up resources (in case of maternity leave, incomplete complement of staff, new project and no time to deal with it in-house, etc…)
  • Acquisition of specific skills. It could be that for some projects the individuals on site do not have the necessary skills. This service will therefore help the team throughout the project and prevent it from falling into traps, thereby saving time.
  • Source of innovation. I offer a new vision about the product/service
  • Efficient marketing
  • You benefit from a network of professionals (web agency, advertising agency, printer, photographer, translator, and many other outside contributors)

Sphere of competencies : Brand strategy (short, medium and long term) - Adding value to your product/brand - Providing your product/brand with the differentiation it needs on the market - Market research - Product innovation - Developing new product concepts - Change of visual identity – Promotional plan

Increase the performance of your employees or your marketing department!

Your business wishes to develop its marketing department and you need specific skills to do so? BG MARKETING helps you build your marketing department in terms of structure and resources.

You want to train an employee, but you haven't the time? BG MARKETING helps you develop a training plan and assist your employee according to the desired skills:

  • Competition analysis and market research (SWOT)
  • Market segmentation and brand positioning
  • Brand management
  • Budget and planning
  • Media plan
  • Price strategy
  • Development of product concept
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales presentation & sales pitch
  • Successful time management
  • How to present a successful briefing to creative agencies?
  • The different stages involved in a packaging launch or relaunch