Develop your sales through marketing!

BG MARKETING is a marketing consulting agency who will assist you every step of the way with your marketing approach. From SWOT analysis through to the introduction of an effective, tailor-made marketing strategy, I bring you solutions that are realistic and efficient, in terms of results and costs. I can adapt to your budget and work in collaboration with your team, as well as outside partners.

BG MARKETING works on various growth levers such as: brand recognition – positioning - developing distribution - cornering new markets - developing customer loyalty - creating product concepts and many other initiatives besides.

To ensure your marketing results in GROWTH, not costs contact BG MARKETING!

Who am I?

Geraldine Berberat

Géraldine Berberat (-Cart), a marketing enthusiast for over 15 years.

I have held numerous marketing positions for national and international consumer goods companies (L’Oréal, Nestlé Waters and Savencia in Germany). My 10 years' experience have given me an unparalleled knowledge of marketing including brand positioning, strategy, product innovation, marketing and promotional plans and project management.

I then left my customer-centric activities to branch out into marketing consulting with a design agency. Throughout those 5 years, I helped companies with their marketing approach in terms of marketing and strategic plans.

I aim to communicate my knowledge and my enthusiasm to others.
Being inquisitive and pragmatic by nature, I offer effective, creative and realistic solutions.

I am firmly of the conviction that marketing should mean investment and value creation, not costs. Marketing initiatives do not have to be expensive in order to be relevant. They must be thoughtful, targeted and stand out from the crowd.

Value creation and differentiation are at the heart of my thinking.

I can provide assistance in your projects in French, German and English.

Geraldine Berberat

My values

By remaining in touch, understanding your needs and offering you effective, tailor-made solutions, I can assist you throughout your project by joining and coaching your team.

Whatever the size of your company or your needs, I place all my energy, skills and passion entirely at your service.

Respect and professionalism are the watchwords of BG MARKETING.